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Things and Things

I’m just overdosing on John Mayer, which always happens. It’s hard to put the good stuff down. Like you can’t have just one spoonful of Nutella, it’s hard. You can’t enjoy love without comfort and you can’t sleep just to sleep. Don’t know how else to put it. I like many things, and there aren’t … Continue reading

Sounds like something Jesus would sing…

Yesterday on the ride back from church I heard this song on the radio.  I was thinking to myself this song is deep. It sounds like something Jesus would sing…or I should say it sounds like what Jesus would say.  It’s a song by Sting and Eric Clapton. I don’t know if they believe in … Continue reading

I can’t stop listening to this song…

It’s like IHOP… I can’t stop listening to that either. I don’t think it’s a bad thing though.

Long story, hard to believe.

This is the post I was supposed to write on 9/11.  Not everyone knows this but a few people close to me.  Some time in early 2001, I was home from school for vacation.  I was very much into chatting on line with people on Mirc and later on IRC. You remember those? The first … Continue reading

Moments in life 1

I could say that 9/11 was the most overwhelming event I have ever experienced. Fear and terror were not uncommon before that time either however.  I can remember many things in life that I never forgot, and would have preferred to never have seen.  It was New York however, and you can’t control the city, … Continue reading

How Can I Forget?

“Be a victor and not a victim” and “being too spiritual that you are no earthly good”. Tomorrow is 9/11. How can I forget? It’s kind of difficult not to remember a time when you did not feel safe in your own home. A time when you ask God where he is…but you really really … Continue reading

Spirituality: what others don’t see me go through.

Sometimes you have your own dictionary…cause doesn’t define it like it is. I don’t know about you but I have had the strangest last few years. I was in conflict because I was going along with what the word said, having absolutely no idea that something wanted me not to follow God’s will.  All … Continue reading

Clarity, disappointment, and the importance of certainty…

You know when you think something and you know you are over thinking it. You don’t know what to do with the information, and you see it repeating itself over and over again. You think  to yourself, why does this keep happening? You also think…God are you seeing this? Have you ever met someone who … Continue reading

Even in the dark …

For those who work so hard Never see their children Never see their children grow Into the gifts they give them This is life is all unknown Gotta listen to their laughter Everyone must be heard now Even in the dark For those who seek no answers Keep it from the table Ignorance is eaten … Continue reading