I like to design clothing. However, I enjoy the trend research part a lot better. I am hoping to get into Trend Research/fashion forecasting for a magazine or an advertising firm.
Fashion is more of a hobby for me. You would have to know me to know what my real passion is. I spent my whole life knowing I was meant to serve in ministry but doing all the wrong things not knowing how I was going to get there. Then one day the sky opened up and what I spent my whole life searching for, found me.
Fashion was the thing I was good at. It was what people liked to hear. Don’t ever tell anyone you want to be an artist or a preacher or that you ever thought about being a nun. You will get no respect. Trust me I know.
Words do matter…that’s why we read Bibles.
There’s always that part that others see and then there’s that part of you only God sees. The world can say what it wants and try to make you believe it. God however, when God tells you who you are…you best believe him.


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