Well I was hoping to spend New Year’s at church like I have been the last 3 years. But I was invited to two other parties by family. We ate and spent about 3 hours at the first place and left at 11 p.m with them to arrive at the second party. I met new people at the first party. One of them was their neighbor and she’s Japanese. She made some food and I tried it…it was pretty good whatever it was. I haven’t had Japanese food since my cousin Alex was here. Anyway, it was good. I had Flan too!
Oh! I got this nice dress on sale at Ross for $19.99, it’s knee length and Burgundy. I also finally got brown tights from Target…I have been wanting to get some for a while now, cause it’s been so cold out here. I also got Fergie Mary Janes on sale at Ross for $21.00.

I have the Charcoal ones though

Supposedly the original price was $99.00. So I think I got a good deal for my New Year’s Eve outfit.
Anyway, let me tell you how some people were drinking and I don’t drink. I was talking to the Japanese lady…I don’t want to put her name on blast cause…she doesn’t even know I’m writing this. But she offered me wine, and I was like I don’t drink. She was like “Oh! You NEED a Drink” (with a Japanese accent….imagine that it was too cute…lol ) “You so quiet you need a drink it will make you talk … and you need to talk its good for you!” (imagine that with a Japanese accent and in a loud voice…lol and she’s tiny so I was like looking down at her…) I was like no its okay I don’t drink but thank you. I was nice about it.
Alright so that was at the first party, so we were like ok lets go to the next place (my aunts house cause this is all family mind you…the Japanese lady was my other uncle’s neighbor) Ok so she decides to come along to the next party and we’re all there chilin’ its about an hour till midnight. She’s like asking me for water and ice and I’m walking around talking to everybody waiting for countdown. It’s midnight and everybody is like HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! We all start hugging each other and saying happy new years and she gets to me and she’s like Happy New Year and she hands me a cup of Champange ( I can’t even spell it right cause I don’t drink ) and she hands me the cup and she’s like here drink it please for me …please drink it…please drink it for me. I was like at this point not wanting to be rude I was like okay…knowing in my mind that I ain’t drinking it. I was like okay just to be nice I took it and set it at the table started talking to people and I was about to leave. But I saw that she was like checking to see if I still had it so I grabbed it and walked outside. In my mind I was like I don’t want this lady trippin’ cause I didn’t take the drink or whatever. So I walk outside and my brother in law was like Are you going to drink that? Cause he knew I was going to be like no…and he took it and drank it.
The thing is that I was like….wondering why it was so important to her that I drink. No one was drinking heavily at any of the parties…and I just found it weird. You don’t understand, I think twice about drinking two Tylenol for a headache. I just take one, and that’s only if I can’t stand the pain.
I just thought I’d blog about this so that I can remember where I was on New Years and what happened. I was talking to my brother in law about the other New Year’s we were all together…and how I was not with them the last 3 New Year’s, so everyone was surprised to see me. I was very calm when New Year’s came up…like still and calm and okay…like almost in Harmony. It was very interesting…you know and then the Japanese lady was husllin’ me a drink. I just thought that was funny.
If your reading this…be good, and stay in your right mind in 2010!


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