2 Corinthians 5:15

I am currently reading this book and something I read stood out. I have seen it so very much and it is something that is seen as common. I want to share it with whom ever reads this and then talk a bit about it.

( I have been reading material concerning manipulation and narcissistic behaviors. I have not been in search of it, but more of these topics have been constantly showing up in the things I read.)
This is the quote from the book;
” “If you really loved God, you would do this.” Have you ever heard something like that? Perhaps someone has told you, “If you loved me, you would do this or wouldn’t do that.” If words like that are the reason why you do or don’t do something, you are motivated by guilt. You are being manipulated. In God’s Word, such manipulation is considered a form of witchcraft.”
I have just recently learned through my own experiences and through the word of God that the above statement is true. It’s not like a mother telling a child that if they really loved them they would not do such things in public…not that kind of thing. I could go into detail about many instances but then this would become a book and not a blog post. The point is that people give and give and do and do…but we have to have in mind why. Why do we give what we give, and why do we do what we do?
If someone tells you…”If you loved me you would do or not do______.” You put yourself in the person’s will.
So your next thought would probably be…well didn’t God have the 10 Commandments? He sure did, he had them there for our own good. God is good all by himself. He is so good that he gave us the right to choose what way, and what life we want to live. All he asks is for mercy in place of sacrifice, and that we would acknowledge him in all we do. God not only gave us Jesus, there is so much more he does for us daily. He is the most passive, most generous and most understanding person I have ever heard of. However, how many times… have We Ourselves told God…”God if you loved me you would…”.
People today pray in all kinds of ways, do people really think that they can manipulate God? I don’t even want to know their definition of faith. The prophets of the Old Testament always asked God for direction and leading. God is always very detailed and very specific…he never goes against his own advice to us.
He never holds anyone captive to sin…people sin and find themselves in captivity. That is why salvation goes hand in hand with freedom. If you ever find yourself doing something because someone tells you it will be proof to THEM that you love THEM then you are motivated by guilt.
If you feel you have to do something for someone to prove to them that you love them you are motivated by guilt and false responsibility. The truth is if you love the person you will do things without being asked and you will be present. God is always calling us…everyday. I imagine him hooked on our Facebook page reading our comments. Thing is he already knows all our business. He knows where we are, and where we will be next. He knows why we do the things we do. We however, don’t know everything…so he gives us Commandments so that we won’t hurt each other or ourselves in the process. We walk through life (Hopefully) with others in mind. We are responsible for ourselves and others equally. God waits for us to do this and even encourages us to treat others the way we would like to be treated.
Don’t ever do something if you later have to tell yourself…I hope so and so will understand why I did this. It probably means it was not the right thing to do in the first place. Hope you have a good reason…if you don’t in the end all you have is a case of manipulation. Manipulation is self will and does not involve God’s method.

Anyway, I said all this and I know there was more I had to say…but I think I might have gotten off topic for most of this so I’m just going to stop typing now.
I will post again when I remember what ever I was talking about…or when I start making sense. This is not my theory or philosophy I was just thinking stuff…cause I was reading.  I don’t know what’s right or wrong but I’m sure God is leading me towards truth.


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