In case you don’t know, I love food. This is my food Blog observe….
I just finished a bag of

!!!DELICIOUS!!! Secret is that if you buy it at Super Walmart it cost $1.25 something like that. However, if you go to Neighborhood Walmart you pay the same price for the bigger bag. I got this at Super Walmart (the small bag) it lasted 3 days. Cause I appreciated it.
I could really use something to drink right now…and every time I say that I think about…


My favorite cold drink that hits the spot. I like Hot tea also, I can blog about that alone. The Rasberry White Tea is also good.
I like so many foods that…I hate to admit that I love watching the Food Network and sometimes I stare at pictures of food in recipes, books and online food blogs. I mix certain foods like;
1) Rice, Beans, Fried Eggs, BBQ Sauce and Salad with Italian dressing ( or Thousand Island )
Yes, in the same plate….when I say mix I mean I mash it all together and eat.
2) Mangu, Fried Eggs & Fried Salami with a bit of Salt and Vinegar to taste and sometimes a few Tomato slices.
3) Egg Omlette with yellow cheese, Fried Onions, Corn, Tomatoes, Italian Dressing and a piece of toast. (GOOD)
4) Slice of Pizza in between 2 slices of whole Wheat bread…Oh better if it’s a deep dish pizza. ( I like the Vegetarian pizza for this)
I could go on forever…I also have favorite dessert mash ups.
I’ll take a picture when I make these, but you should try it if you’re in good health. I will be blogging about food very much.


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