My Neck My Back…

I was in a car accident on September 5th of last year and have had to go to back therapy since. I use to go every evening, then it went down to 3 days a week and now I go 2 days a week. I got the results of my MRI and from what I could understand, cause the doctor didn’t even mention the results he was just poking my back. I ended up feeling more pain at the end of the session. My neck makes noise every time I move it, it sounds like pink cookies in a plastic bag, getting crushed by a building…LOL. (L L Cool J) LOL
No but really my neck makes noise every time I move my head and I get headaches at night. The paper says I have Scoliosis somewhere on the right and left side of my back. All I know is my neck hurts and it makes noise. The doctor said I have nerve damage. So I’m thinking I can walk…usually when you hear nerve damage you think about paralysis and stuff like that. Other than the nagging pain, headaches, and my arm falling asleep at night, I can walk. I’m alright but if I’m going to end up a jacked up old lady I would think the doctor could say a lot more than…”That’s not good.” I’m just saying. Is there a physical therapy, or vitamin supplement I can take for this medical condition or do I need to keep going to this place till forever?
Who knows I will keep you posted. My doctor had a stuffed animal on his desk…it said “Doctor of Love”. LOL
Have you ever seen a chiropractors office with all those clinical anatomy looking posters? My mother was like you see that poster I hurt right where that line is. Mind you there was like mad lines on that poster. I was like mother are we looking at the same line? Do you not see there are like over a hundred lines on that back. I guess you had to be there so see what I mean.
If you read my blogs…you notice I variate topics. Cause that’s what happens around here. There’s more but you don’t need to know about it. I have mercy believe me. God knows.


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