I have had this problem for many years…

I LOVE HOUSE MUSIC. It’s a problem because I always have to listen to it. It doesn’t matter if I’m happy or sad or whatever…I NEED to listen to house music. Sometimes…I just jump around with my house music on blast when no one is looking. It’s especially constant during Spring and Summer (In the Winter it’s Reggae :/ ). I have gotten better since I moved to Florida though. It all started one summer when I was going through my “ITH Vanessa stage”. My sister had this friend she met at the after school program at Columbia University. His name was Jose…or still is I hope. Anyway, I was about 14 or 15 and my sister was about to start college and Jose took us to a club where he said we wouldn’t get asked for an I.D.
We stood on line and they didn’t let us in. Me and my cousin Maylin were outside for about an hour while Jose and my sister, were inside. LOL… Anyway, I don’t know how they got us in but we got in cause some guy he knew let us in. I think the place was called BAR and it was in West 4th N.Y. The top floor had Crazy heavy Metal (It was the 90’s) and the first floor was House music. But it wasn’t crazy…it was different I think they were playing Gospel House Music. Everyone there was young in their teens and there weren’t dancing together it was like each person got a turn to dance their style and if you had a group of friends you would dance as a group. It was different…I can tell you that out of all the clubs I went to in my troubled youth, that was the most innocent club I had ever been to. Ever since then, House is the noise. I mean I like R&B and some other genres but…Gospel house is … just is…
This is a confessional, and I only posted it cause I know no one reads this. And if you are reading this and haven’t told me that you read my blogs…shame on you for knowing all about me but not sharing anything about you :p
And you are probably wondering where were my parents…to tell you the truth I don’t remember. They were probably working or something…sometimes we would tell them we were going to the movies and they were like o.k. We would be out all night…leave at like 7:30pm and be back on the train home at like 2 am. My parents had never been to the movies so they still don’t know how long movies last. I have since repented and received forgiveness from my parents.
The first movie my mother saw was like last year …. “Madagascar” she was like “How long was that movie?” me and my sister were like that movie was so short we should get our money back. LOL Yes we are Bad people….working on getting better.
Thank You Jesus for taking care of us through the craziness. I can surely testify of the Lord’s awesome care for me.


Here’s some House…

This reminds me of how I use to be…and how difficult it was for me to let go of all the crazy stuff that was going on in my teens. I know what I went through. I don’t want that for the teens I know. I didn’t have that, so I know exactly what I needed in that time of my life. The kind of person I needed is who I am now…and its only by the Grace of God that I have received the awesome opportunity to be that kind of person.

COOL… Someone commented on my response about this video on YouTube.

I wrote this >I wonder what the song means…what was he going through when he sang this? Does anyone know the story?<

This is what they wrote…

“i believe this is a gospel influenced song KT brookes is singing about a person who needs to accept salvation in Jesus Christ and is struggling to make the step because they are not ready. ‘how do I let go’ of my old life and give all to Jesus. ‘if there is such a place’ (heaven) ‘I will heed the call’ ‘I gave thanks to you (Jesus) because you saved me’ etc

KT sung a few gospel house songs such as ‘praise him’, which is awesome, and also ‘run free’. “


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