Cosas & Thingiemagingies….

Ok I have about 3 or so posts that are about scripture and I have to revise them before I post them. I can freely blog about food though…cause
I just got lost in thought thinking about those little chocolate cake thingies from Dominos.


They are tiny but they taste really good…I mean I got lost in thought. That’s impressive. I wish I could just order the stuff and not get the pizza. I knew I was in trouble when the Delivery guy said “Here’s the pizza, and this (as he hands me the tiny box ) this is goooood.” I was like…oh no…and now its like oh no…really want to have some right now. Do they put crack in the stuff??? I thought the one from Chili’s was good…this is like crunchy chocolate bliss. They should stop selling pizza and just sell this stuff.
On another note…if I can start thinking again. I sold a scarf on Etsy. It’s about time! She ordered another one for her daughter and I bought the fabric on Sunday. I made it but the fabric is flaking little fabric particles all over the place and I’m not sending her that. I’m thinking I’m just going buy some fabric dye and put it on one of the cream scarves I have.

The Lilac Scarf

We’ll see what happens. I’m also going to post the rest of the earrings I have about 30 pairs I have to post. I have to get creative with my postings. I think I might just add a variety and have one main picture like I did with the scarves. Right…
If you click on the picture of the scarf you can see what I mean. It takes you to my Etsy page.
I entered a contest to win an Ipad from RELEVANT Magazine…didn’t get it. And I joined Twitter and everything just to enter. Then I got the idea of using it to post stuff that I’m selling on Etsy. So far people I don’t even know are following me so…it could happen. There are so many talented designers on Etsy. It’s amazing! They got like high prices too…like whow. I’ll be sure to link some of my favorites. As a matter of fact let me link one now…that I thought was Hot.
Looky Looky…

Necklace... Pretty

There’s clothing lines too…mira…


You See… ok
This was the song in my mind today….along with the little chocolate mess…

Color by COLOURlovers

Pensive Peacock makes good art on Polyvore…


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