1 Corinthians 14:13-17

I have had this saved as a draft since January…I just finished it this morning. I was going to post it the other day I have so many drafts to post…I need to get started on posting these and then I have my posts for Holy Week and Easter…this is going to be a post overload. I made a blog about this blog…I’ll give you the link later. LOL Hope you enjoy reading them and that they bring you closer to the heart of God.

Sometimes all we have to know is that God is awesome. There is a saved soul every second. However, because we can not see the heart as God can we can  judge others wrongfully. I have met many people that have told me that they once thought they knew someone only to find out they did not know that person at all. Unfortunately some people live a lie so good that they themselves don’t know they are living a lie.  A sinner doesn’t know they are a sinner until they learn repentance. When you sin you are not in your right mind, you are doing just to do. It’s almost like you are sleep walking. Someone tells you did you notice you were walking in your sleep? You’re like no…that’s crazy. That’s how it is. Then they might record you and tell you … see that was you last night eating from the refrigerator in your sleep. That has never happened to me but I believe it’s somewhat like that. It’s how I see my past though, and the best example I can give. We would like to believe that we don’t hurt others, judge others, sin against others or against God. Even if we don’t want to believe our wrongs at times, we still do those wrongs.
It’s important to seek the Lord its the only way to stay awake to our own actions. We would like to believe that our actions against others do not hurt us. In the long run we find out that the little things add up and those relationships change.
People assume that God is all powerful and strong enough that he doesn’t get hurt. Our God has senses! Our God has a heart. It hurts him most when we sin against him, and each other. His greatest task for us was the Ministry of Reconciliation. We are to be reconciled to him through the sacrifice of Jesus. His act of love was so that we could love the Lord with all our heart, soul and mind. In this world and in these times however, people are more empowered to be reconciled with and to themselves.
The sacrifice of God giving his only son for us, made us his sons and daughters as well. You can not recognize that if you’re sleeping. It is what we do and the choices we make to follow God and not ideals, that brings us close to him. Luke 8:19-21
Because we are all different we can not assume that we will all understand the same. We all have different ways of learning and recognizing reality. They say the truth shall set you free. According to the Word, God is the Truth and Jesus is the embodiment of Truth. What  Jesus speaks is from the mouth of God. He is the Prophet of all prophets. If you don’t understand Jesus, you don’t understand God. We are blessed to have the opportunity to understand our God. We are blessed to have the opportunity to hear our Father speak to us. We are blessed to choose to do his will and be slaves of righteousness rather than slaves to sin. We must choose the voice of God above any other. We are blessed to have the opportunity to know our God personally.
It remains unbelievable to most humans’ mind that one could have so much love as to die and give ones life for another. That there could be a heart, although wounded, that can forgive and forgive unconditionally. God is Mercy.

We continue to read the word of God while asleep. We don’t put it into action. We create our own little version, a version that will suit us better or defends another over God. Usually a version that will assist us in not seeing what we do or what others get away with. These separate us from knowing THE TRUTH. Our pain separates us from knowing the truth. Shame and self condemnation separates us from God as well. When will you take the eyes of yourself and others and place them on the Father?
John 5:19-30


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