Food Blog…

I was going to show you what we cooked for Easter…I know that was a while ago. The food was good. It’s a big thing in our family tradition to cook a big dinner for Easter. Well not that’s it’s big but there are specific recipes that we have. It’s traditional Dominican foods. Like Bacalao, Torejas, Habichuelas Con Dulce. I don’t even think I spelled them right but…it tastes good.

I also included the other photos from the other stuff I cooked in the last two months. I cook all the time but I can’t take a picture of everything. I made little diagrams, with labels. It was fun! Hope you enjoy my food blog. I might share some recipes. We’ll see what happens.

Sweet desert

Rice Beans Fried Egg and BBQ Sauce

Yeah so she bought me the dry mix…not the Frozen stuff.  I was upset because I had to use my stick of butter for the recipe. She could have bought the frozen stuff.  It was on purpose or on sale, either way I was not happy with her. Then I has no foil, that was another reason I was upset. But they lasted a few days with all the scraping I had to do. LOL

Ok that’s my food blog!  I will probably make Lasagna this week…and I will try to take a picture of it on a plate and post the recipe with it. Sounds good. I hope I remember to take the picture before I eat it.


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