” The World “

It rained today… I was waiting for that. I wish I could blog about everything. There’s been a lot going on… and so much more that needs to happen. I can tell you about the annoying stuff though. An Atheist was insulting me on You Tube because I made a comment about a Hillsong video. It was annoying… and sad at the same time.  Then I saw a video about a guy who use to be a Christian then converted to Atheism. I keep finding out that it isn’t as easy to keep the faith if it was never real to begin with. I guess people everywhere are at risk of receiving false teachings. I think it’s because information has become so easy to find. All information is not truth, and many are lead by lies.  So many people choose to live a lie, just because it is easier to accept.

I once saw a lady on Oprah who said she was abused by her father most of her life. They were both famous (she was an actress and he was in a rock band), she spoke about the double life her father had. I remember her saying that her father once taught her that a lie would serve her better than the truth. I can not imagine what she went through and how she was brought up to think that it was normal to be intimate with her own father. I’ve also been seeing many episodes on Night Line or Dateline about cults and “churches” where the women and young girls were abused and brainwashed. The last one I saw was about a father who made his own religion and wrote his own bible and conceived eleven children within his own family.  I don’t know how these things happen.

Education is important and many resist it. There is a difference between what you are being told to believe and what you find out for yourself through experience. I have known that for a very long time, and some are still finding out. It takes more than being told, it’s finding out the truth that’s important.  The Atheist was telling me that my God is made up, that he creates wars, and lets little babies die. I really don’t know how to reply to that. In my own life I can’t say that everything has been perfect. I have seen evil in many places and have seen injustice of all kinds. I can not say that God is not with me. I can not give an explanation without using terms that I have already been taught. All I know is that I believe, and it has become more difficult to prove why.  It is not my calling to prove my belief.  I can say however, that I would much rather see more of God in the world and believe in good, than continue to suffer evil and see it’s results.

I try daily to make good decisions. I know that my decisions and what I choose to believe affect my life as well as those around me. I know that my actions also cause an effect. If  I see someone is not working towards something that is positive unto another human being I will not partner with that person. If someone is not positive towards me I will also not partner with that person. I consider myself a human being because God made me that way.  I am a human being before any prejudgment. How someone can treat another person like an animal, slave or like they are not worth a damn?

Most evil people that commit such unbelievable crimes are so consumed with themselves and the power they can have.  In reality it isn’t their power and it isn’t God either.


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