Clarity, disappointment, and the importance of certainty…

You know when you think something and you know you are over thinking it. You don’t know what to do with the information, and you see it repeating itself over and over again. You think  to yourself, why does this keep happening? You also think…God are you seeing this?

Have you ever met someone who is so messed up (cruel ) are not ashamed of it and continues to be harmful? Ever seen that person get praise and even be told “Oh, that just the way that person is…or oh I love you because you speak your mind”?

Do people believe in evil forces and demons? I don’t think they really do until they are confronted by one, or have to be around one. I recently saw this video of an interview with this man named Roger Morneau. This is a brief summary of him taken from wikipedia;

As a young adult, Roger was introduced to spiritualism through a friend, and nearly joined a secret order of spirit worshipers who claimed to be the “elite” and were servants of Lucifier himself. Before Roger was to make a full commitment, however, he asked a Seventh-day Adventist co-worker, Cyril Grosse, if he would go over some Bible studies with him. This was what Roger needed to turn away from the realm of spiritualism and start his studies of Christ as an Adventist. Morneau became an Adventist in 1946. In 1947, he married Hilda, a licensed vocational nurse in Montreal, and worked many years in telephone advertising sales. In 1984, a virus destroyed part of his heart muscle, giving him cardiomyopathy for the rest of his life. Morneau died in 1998.

Because this man was involved with the secret society for a short time he found out many things about what the servants of the enemy are set out to do and who helps them set those things out.  When he met a friend from work who was a Seventh Day Adventist right before he was about to officially join the secret society.  He asked the man to teach him about his religion because he had heard the head master of the secret society mention that the devil (who they worshiped) hated the Seveth Day Adventist because they kept the sabbath day holy.

Long story short he explains all the things he learned from the secret society and when he joined his friend in bible study he grew to love Jesus and the word of God.  I guess a few years after that he decided to share his testimony on all he had seen and heard in the secret society to better warn others so that they would know that these things are real in the world.  He wrote books on prayer ( that I will never read probably ) and was interviewed to share his testimony.

I don’t have to tell you that after seeing it I learned the obvious. The devil is a deceiver, and God is honest. The truth is some of us don’t want to see evil because then it becomes real…even though its already present in the world. The sins we commit are evil they end up harming others and eventually harms us as well. That’s what the devil wants.

I have suffered a lot in life because of what people have done to me, even more for what I have done to others. The times I messed up taught me to be honest, sincere, caring and most of all to love.  In my mind I feel that I will most often receive the same, honesty, sincerity, care and love. It doesn’t always happen (disappointment).  At the end what matters is that I am clear in what I want to give ( what God desires ) and what I would like to receive (more of God).  It really does make a difference to wake up every morning knowing that it is not a burden for you to serve the God.  He is worth the demons stepping on your heals, spreading lies about you, and turning other against you.  Ultimately, he sees what’s going on. The devil hates me, that must mean God really loves me.

Sometimes God really, really, really,  loves me.  Maybe one day you will understand what I’m saying or face the same situations I have faced… sometimes they show up out of no where.  Devil got no shame.

Listen tell God to use you all day every day. The thought I have had in my mind endlessly due to all this is that … some people don’t know how their decisions effect others. They really don’t think about things, they just act out of whatever they color code it at the moment … passion, want, need, or desire. People tend to forget that all words can be used in the positive or in the negative. Our decisions are the same way. We could be thinking we are doing well for ourselves and ultimately be doing damage. At the moment its best to speak truth, and if it is possible for you to humble yourself repent ask forgiveness (and mean it). If you find yourself telling people “we aren’t all perfect” all the time then get a clue.  Be honest with yourself. God is our perfecter, if its in our hands then we’re in trouble.

Look at what happened to that guy, but God took him out of darkness. There is hope even in the dark. He really had to say “though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for you are with me.” God was with him all right and hopefully he’s with God now.

It’s not the fact that he’s a Seventh Day Adventist that may have taken him to heaven…its the fact that he believed in Jesus. You’re denomination will not be the one saving you, you mother believing in Jesus is a 50% chance that will save you and you reading your bible and talking to God is your best option.  Prayer is your phone call to God with unlimited minuets free every weekend 24/7.  You have a whole bunch of texts that you haven’t even seen… The Lord done texted you, before texts were invented.

Its an interesting story it explained a lot of the stuff I have witnessed in my walk with God. What you do and say does make  a difference and will effect those around you.

Here is the video to Roger Morneau’s story…its a 10 part series. You have to watch it in parts or make time for it but its really interesting.

My family makes fun of me because I talk about secret societies and NWO and all that stuff but… whatever. This is my blog.

First I’m going to post a video of a speech JFK made some time before he was killed. Then I’ll post the first video of Roger Morneau’s story.

Speech part 1

Speech part 2

Think about it…

Here is the first part of Roger Morneau’s story.


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