Moments in life 1

I could say that 9/11 was the most overwhelming event I have ever experienced. Fear and terror were not uncommon before that time either however.  I can remember many things in life that I never forgot, and would have preferred to never have seen.  It was New York however, and you can’t control the city, things just happen around you. I remember my neighborhood being quiet and then all of a sudden being loud all the time. The times there was no hot water and no heat in the middle of a blizzard.

I wouldn’t change it though cause I appreciate things more. The first time I can remember running for my life was in the Washington Heights riots of 1992. I was taking a summer course right before starting high school.  The riots lasted for a while and the buses stopped running through our neighborhoods. I would get to my class late and was having a difficult time with everything that was happening. My English teacher ( Mr. Woods) told me to write it down because I was crying too much and I couldn’t stop. He gave me a piece of paper and a pen and said right till you stop crying.

A few days before that my aunt and I went to the young man’s funeral and saw his body in an open casket. That was the first time I had ever seen a dead body … in a casket.  Usually most street people would get shot in the street during day light.  We were all outside and they were forming a march in protest, the police showed up and next thing we know we were in the middle of a shoot out. My aunt and I just ran…along with all the other people.  I had never run for my life like I did that day.  I cried for the man in the casket. I cried for my angry community and I cried and I never thought I would see it again. The story repeated itself many times after that…but then people knew better and didn’t riot.  That one time was enough.

I cried for that man in the casket, on September 11th and the rest of 2001 I cried that much times 2000.  That day however I had no where to run.

Today I felt the same way I felt that day… alone and deeply sad…I’m not afraid anymore though.

That wasn’t the blog I was going to post… I’ll post it tomorrow.


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