Long story, hard to believe.

This is the post I was supposed to write on 9/11.  Not everyone knows this but a few people close to me.  Some time in early 2001, I was home from school for vacation.  I was very much into chatting on line with people on Mirc and later on IRC. You remember those? The first instant messengers. I met people from all over the place, mostly Jamiroquai fans. There were other times when I would just randomly go into chat rooms and just see other people’s conversations.  I was new to mirc and it looked really ancient even for 2001. I clicked on the first country on the list and went to a chat room. Much to my surprise there were a huge group of people in that room. They were all mostly male names and the conversation was in their language. I typed,” does anyone know English?” and someone spoke to me right away and I asked them where they were from. He said Afghanistan and I said cool. We were talking about life there and he said he was in University and he studied theology and he asked me where I lived. I told him I was in New York City. He asked me if I had gone to the World Trade Center and I said yes that I had worked in one of the many buildings there.  He asked me if I went there often and I said not too much because I was back in school and that was a summer job. He advised me not to go back there or be near there. The way he was speaking English it didn’t seem like a warning to me … because in my mind I was thinking why wouldn’t he want me to go there? I was reassuring him that it was an alright place that it wasn’t dangerous like people are afraid of NY. He said no that’s not why, something bad is going to happen there. He said it was because of something having to do with religion and war. I then asked him what he studied in school more in detail. He said he studied ancient theology religion he was Muslim. He kept saying you are a nice girl remember what I said. I never went back to that chat room or got on mirc ever again. People where talking about serious stuff in those rooms politics, religion, economy. In a way that wasn’t like reading the Wall Street Journal.

I remembered what he told me and I told my cousin what he told me. She said are you sure? Are you kidding me? I was like well we’re going to find out if its true if it happens.  I knew very little then about the previous bombing of the WTC in 1998…I think it was. I had no idea that was a terrorist plot.  The rest of that year I would go to WTC from time to time to go help my parents renew their business license and permit cause they had a vintage/used furniture store. I was there in the summer at the mall bellow the WTC with my aunt (who was visiting from DR) and the cousin I told. I remember me and my cousin were in a rush to get out of there.  We were transferring from the Path train to the A train.  My aunt thought we were acting weird I can’t remember if we told her.

The last time I was there was when I went to renew the business stuff with my mom and that was about a week before 9/11.  They had a farmers market certain days during the week right in front of the WTC.

My mother and I passed by and this was before I was born again. There was a palm reader who was there and I told my mom I was going to see if something is true or not. So I went and the lady took my hand, meanwhile I was really looking for her to tell me if it was true that there was going to be another attack. The lady didn’t say anything to me she said I was going to have a long life. Then she gave me her number so that I can call her because she “sensed” that I wanted to know more. I thought that was funny.  I never called her cause I didn’t believe in that anyway, but some how what the guy told me bothered me. I was young and dumb…I felt like telling every body there not to go to work. I didn’t know when it was going to happen though.

Anyway, later that week my sister was telling me that she spoke to the guy that told her about the job I had the previous summer. That I can stop by and work there again because I had just graduated and was looking for a job. I said cool I’ll go in on Tuesday. Although I knew what the guy had told me I was like ok the palm reader didn’t say anything and I’m sure I’m just over reacting and I need that job.

That same week my grandfather left to DR and my grandmother was alone in her apartment. My mother told me to go with her and sleep the night to keep her company. I didn’t want to go cause I had to go downtown the next day, I mean I was like upset angry. I went anyway thinking I’ll set the alarm and wake up at 6 am so I can be on the train by 7 am. I was uptown so it was going to take about 45 minutes for me to get the Chambers St.  The night before I set the alarm to 6 am and I was sleeping in the same bed with my grandmother. The alarm did not go off and my grandmother woke up at that same time and did not wake me up. I woke up to my grandmother telling me that my uncle was calling on the phone to turn on the TV. She told me come turn on the TV… I was  upset cause the alarm didn’t wake me up, but when I saw the first tower on fire I was in shock. I felt so bad, the guy was right, then we were asking how did this happen. We saw that they were saying that a plane had hit the tower … right there we see another plane. I was like abuela that plane looks really low and she said, where I can’t see it. I was like look at it … and OMG right there we saw it hit the second tower… we screamed so loud. We heard people in the neighborhood screaming. It was horrible. I looked outside the window looking towards downtown cause my grandmother lives on Broadway. You could see the smoke it was tiny obviously cause we were far but we could see the smoke. We could not believe what was happening. I was in complete shock. We were watching the news and all the people hanging from the windows, everybody was calling the house. We saw the people jumping out the windows on TV and then the towers crashing. It was too much. I took a cab home and was scared because they locked down the city and my mom and dad were in the Bronx. They couldn’t drive over the bridge so they walked all the way home. It was horrible.

Then I started remembering what the guy told me and all the strange stuff I saw in the city that summer. I remember being in the Hudson River Park and sitting on the grass and seeing the Black Hawk planes flying over us. I had never seen those planes before…they were scary like UFO looking. I remember seeing them in the news that evening they said they were air defense and they were military planes. That was before the attacks…what were they doing in the air?

These planes were a secret until they showed up over NY that day. People were tripping and I was too… they covered it up on the news saying “that was quite an air show they put on for us today!”.

It was scary… after the attacks we would hear all the plains flying over us very loudly and the helicopters.  We were on alert and it was very difficult to fall asleep at night knowing that we were in lock down and that we were helpless now that they were using planes as weapons. It was very busy in our area because we lived right by the George Washington bridge and the bus terminal.  I thought it was never going to end.

That same day…when I took the cab home, I noticed there was a white lit candle on my window sill. Someone from my neighborhood must have seen me get off on Chambers St sometime. I was very much alive and grateful to God that I woke up late for the first time in my entire life. They would actually light the candle at night. I think they must have been pretty shocked when they saw me again.

Anyway, ever since then I take any middle eastern person on the internet very seriously. I also read the news and get made fun of for being a conspiracy theorist. I have learned a lot about history and the bad things that go on in politics and other places. I think I’ve gained discernment from it. America did know about it and they swept it under the carpet and they still don’t mention it today. They could have at least closed the buildings, but instead they chose to make all that money they made from it…selling their books. It’s disgusting. Later on, I didn’t die of sorrow from the guilt of knowing because I heard stories from other people that were also warned. I don’t think anyone knew the date it would happen though.

That’s my story. Believe it if you want, God knows it’s true.


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