Things and Things

I’m just overdosing on John Mayer, which always happens. It’s hard to put the good stuff down. Like you can’t have just one spoonful of Nutella, it’s hard. You can’t enjoy love without comfort and you can’t sleep just to sleep. Don’t know how else to put it. I like many things, and there aren’t enough like buttons to my pleasing but I’m a still like things.

I just got to speak my mind sometimes. That’s why blogs are made…for times like this when I just have to say something and nobody is around.

If I had a house full of all the best art supplies, I’m talking all kinds of paper, all kinds of paint, all kinds of makers, pens and pencils. If all the possible colors of the world were at my disposal I could quite possibly make a masterpiece. Also, if I had a house full of all kinds of beautiful fabrics, hundreds of threads, millions of buttons and all kinds of trims and things I could possible make an amazing clothing line. It’s possible.

It is also possible however, to make the best with what I have. I might not have much, but I do have something. Amazingly enough though, creating is much like making something out of nothing. And all of this is just to say that John Mayer’s album “Battle Studies” defines all of what I just said. It might not make sense to you… but oh how I understand that album.  What a beautiful, fahr-rikan mess!

This is just a sample why…

I could give this man children, if he wasn’t so famous and out of reach. No to the prenup…that’s all I gotta say.


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