How Can I Forget?

“Be a victor and not a victim” and “being too spiritual that you are no earthly good”. Tomorrow is 9/11. How can I forget? It’s kind of difficult not to remember a time when you did not feel safe in your own home. A time when you ask God where he is…but you really really … Continue reading

♥ acknowledgment ♥

I had this cd in college… “Blame it on me” – Alana Davis.  I was thinking about it the other day. As I listen to it now… I understand it differently. This record is an accurate hot mess of reality.  I don’t know why she sang “32 Flavors” differently than Ani Difranco… she didn’t sing … Continue reading

It’s the Soul That Gets Saved.

Word Study

Faith in Christ produces fruit, sincerity, and a heart of compassion.

Jesus, Heaven, my own Bible study.

I love Jesus. There is no one wiser than his Father.

1 Corinthians 14:13-17

We are blessed to have the opportunity to know our God personally.