” Speak the truth, and be prepared for some obligatory silence. ” Are they serious??? This report was made in May. Advertisements

♥ acknowledgment ♥

I had this cd in college… “Blame it on me” – Alana Davis.  I was thinking about it the other day. As I listen to it now… I understand it differently. This record is an accurate hot mess of reality.  I don’t know why she sang “32 Flavors” differently than Ani Difranco… she didn’t sing … Continue reading

” The World “

It rained today… I was waiting for that. I wish I could blog about everything. There’s been a lot going on… and so much more that needs to happen. I can tell you about the annoying stuff though. An Atheist was insulting me on You Tube because I made a comment about a Hillsong video. … Continue reading


Oil Spill…more like Oil Gushes…

It is hard to believe that in this day and age where humans can create wireless internet connection…they have yet to find a solution to the oil gushes. It’s been 3 months already. I know the oil is gushing out in full force, but the longer they take the harder its going to be to … Continue reading

Word Study

Faith in Christ produces fruit, sincerity, and a heart of compassion.

Been a while…

I made some decisions Detrimental to my life Put my trust in some translucent people Now I see through them just fine I’ve come back to the real world And put my bitterness behind Cuz revenge is not as sweet as my freedom And no one’s taking mine [Chorus:] Promises Broken With endless waiting Been … Continue reading

Food Blog…

The food was good.